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Credit Card Processing

With VizyPay
Simple Price, Simple Decisions
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Cash Discount Program With VizyPay
Cash Discount
Hybrid Program With VizyPay
Traditional Program With VizyPay

VizyPay Offers A Seemless Setup, With No Long-term Contracts

Whether you’re new to accepting credit cards or considering the switch? You can trust we’re here to take care of your business’s unique needs. Going with VizyPay offers:

  • Complete transparency—no hidden costs
  • Honest & fair pricing
  • Support when you need it most
  • Seamless integration and quick set-up
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VizyPay, Keeping It Simple!

Unlimited credit card processing for as low as $25 a month.

Partner with a processing company that looks out for small business owners and that mentality still drives our business today!
Your business is unique, that’s why VizyPay has credit card processing solutions across all industries.
Vizy Pay Saves Money
Local Support by myself &

Top Rated
Online Support

When you have a question, you shouldn't have to wait. I or the VizyPays personably and experienced support team is standing by to speak with you in 30 seconds or fewer.
Our Customers Expect


We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. No annual fees, monthly minimums, or hidden fees when you process with VizyPay.
We Earn Your Business,
Month To Month

No Long-Term Commitments

We want to earn your business every day, which is why we don't believe in contracts.
Offset 100% of Credit Card Processing Fees

Cash Discount Program

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Cash Discount Program With VizyPay

Storefronts In Need Of Unlimited Processing At A Flat Monthly Fee

Mini Merchant

Starting at $25 per month; Merchants processing less than $5,000/month.

Core Merchant

Starting at $50 per month; Merchants processing less than $5,000 – $10,000 month.

Prime Merchant

Starting at $100 per month; Merchants processing more than $10,000.

Try the VizyPay savings calculator to see how much money we can put back in your pocket!

Save 40-60% on your processing costs.

Hybrid Program

Hybrid Program With VizyPay

Storefronts In Need of Quick Setup + Savings

  • Retail Stores
  • B2B Businesses

Accept Debit Cards

The Customers who choose to pay using debit card/cash, pay no fee.

  • You Pay 1% + $0.25*
  • Customer Pays 0%

Merchant handles swiped debit transactions at a cost of 1% + $0.25 per transaction (no service fee added). VizyPay provides a terminal that can determine the card type and won’t apply a fee to debit cards.

Accept Credit Cards

The customers that pay with a credit card will also cover the fee.

  • You Pay 0%
  • Customer Pays4%

At the time of purchase, VizyPay informs the customer of the fee amount, and always gives the option to pay with a no-fee method. You receive 100% of the amount of your sale.

Traditional Program

Lower CC Processing Fees, Fair and simple pricing.
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Traditional Program With VizyPay

Retail Storefronts With Large Inventories

VizyPay offers a fair and aggressive merchant rate.

  • Built for storefronts
  • Fast deposits
  • No long-term commitments

Before signing up, our support team will run a free cost analysis against your current provider to ensure you’re getting the lowest possible and best rate for accepting credit cards. 

Since we only operate on the Interchange-plus pricing model, you always get the lowest rates, and it clearly spelled our margins out.

Why Using VizyPay Can?

Increases Businesses Bottom Line

VizyPay was founded by small business owners to look out for small business owners and that mentality still drives our business today.
  • VizyPay is a payment processing company headquartered out of West Des Moines, Iowa.
They understand that the payments industry can be a hard nut to crack, and are on a mission to make it easy. Here are few things they offer:
  • Payment Processing Services
  • POS Solutions
  • Online marketing, ordering, payment system ideal for restaurants. (RUSH)
One of VizyPay's goals is creating a platform that is easy to understood, by making the payment process smooth and reliable.

Yes! VizyPay offer's mobile options that allow you to accept payments on the go, including contactless payments from Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We also offer solutions so your business can accept payments online.

  • Using VizyPay, you can sync your in-store, mobile, and online sales together.

Yes! Our Cash Discount Program is available in all 50 states. The program is not a surcharge program. Instead, the Cash Discount Program implements a small price increase for all customers while offering them a discount when they pay with cash. Our proprietary technology allows this to happen seamlessly and keeps you within the guidelines of Visa, Mastercard, and processor regulations.

VizyPay works with most U.S. merchants, and though we don’t currently support international merchants, we are working toward it.

We can get you up and running within 2-3 business days. After you make the switch to VizyPay, we will request the following documents below to comply with Federal regulations.

  • Signed application from the business owner or an authorized representative
  • Proof of the associated business account (Ex. Voided check)
  • Proof of your entity (Ex. Recent tax return)
  • Previous processing statements are helpful
  • We may request additional information on a case-by-case basis

At VizyPay, we pride ourselves in our transparency and honesty.

  • VizyPay believes in earning our client’s business each and every day, which is why we do not have long-term contracts, annual fees, monthly minimums or hidden fees. We provide merchants with top-rated support, free installations and customer service standing by to speak with clients in 30 seconds or less.

Most likely, yes. VizyPay is compatible with 1,000s of POS systems, so there is a good chance yours can be quickly integrated.

VizyPay also work with a variety of POS companies and can help you find the right system for your needs.

  • If you need a new system, our team will provide installation at no cost and will walk you through the system.
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Sales Executive For VizyPay

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I enjoy helping local businesses with their essential needs like referrals, digital marketing, and credit card processing.
Joseph C. Santiago.
Joseph C. Santiago
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