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Joseph C. Santiago.

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In 2023, Search Is The 1st Way People Find Your Business

SEO Increases Organic Growth

Creating a website with a brand new domain will require time to go through Google’s incubation period before ranking (A.K.A. Being Stuck In The Sandbox). This makes the initial (2-8) months after the launch of organic traffic / ranking / impressions nearly zero.

  • How We Set You Up For Long Term Success? Using technical analysis software & in-depth research. SEO on-page and off-page issues will be identified and corrected.

  • What To Expect? You will not be left in the dark. I will personally send easy to understand SEO reports and use the current best practices to improve rankings.

Before Considering Outside Support

What Should I Know About SEO Services?

Starting From Scratch?

Ranking Takes Time

All Boats Rise In The Tide

Getting ROI With SEO

Cost Effective Marketing

SEO Is Foundational

What You Should Know About SEO Services.
Local SEO Services.

SEO  is not free or effortless, but it is cost effective. As the old saying goes, ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’. Search engine optimization is no exception.

However, using SEO in your business’s marketing strategy nets in long-term positive effects and returns on investment.

Get full control over your website! The content made for SEO will last longer compared to PPC, Tele Streaming, Email, SMS, or Social. 

‘Lets Start Strategizing With SEO’

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Designed To Deliver

Building Savvys Websites That Compliments Your Biz

Website builders like Wix or Squarespace offer tons of value. But they’re less flexible (SEO) and are essentially a website on lease. Own your code instead! Create your own site with DiRHS! We’ll give you everything from the content of SEO to hosting services. Be in control over what’s on YOUR page, not someone else’s idea or design.

The Internet Continuously Evolves

Get A Website That Adapts To Your Needs

Designed To Deliver

Making Your Website Fast & Easy To Rank

First Impressions Matter

Why Ruin It With A Wonky Website?

We Use WordPress

Own The Website, Not A Subscription

Responsive Word Press Websites.

Websites are becoming faster, more responsive and visually appealing. Visitors have higher expectations.

In order to keep customers engaged on your site — especially if they’re scrolling through pages of results — you need a compelling design that will showcase what makes YOU unique. Let’s build your web presence today!

Why Me?

The Person Behind DiRHS
Joseph C. Santiago.
Joseph C. Santiago

Creating responsive design (mobile first) websites built upon current foundational SEO best practices.

Joseph C. Santiago

Local SEO Specialist | DiRHS

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Helping you decrease expenses & increase sales, profits rely on doing more with less. I specialize in SEO for small business and have experience in a variety of industries.

Start building your web presence today! I offer secure & scalable digital solutions that will amplify your competitive edge. Let’s grow your business by generating leads using up-to-date marketing strategy. 

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Boost Online Visibility For Your Small Business
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