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DiRHS | Where Can I Find A Smart Piece of SaaS?
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The world’s first and only Technical Ranking Algorithm software driven by Artificial Intelligence.

It’s the smartest and fastest SEO bot in the market. If you pick up ATRICA SaaS, within 3 months your website will rank its way up onto Page 1 of Google search for all industry-relevant searches – and stay there too.

  • ATRICA uses proprietary AI software makes keywords instantly visible to Google

  • Works 24/7: It never stops improving and stabilising ranking

  • It automatically finds new and better keywords and works to for improve ranking

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It’s the first of its kind AI software that monitors and auto-responds to Google’s 200-plus nearly unpredictable search algorithm factors.

Using ATRICA SaaS will save valuable human hours by automatically updating in real time. It’s a game-changing for early adopters.

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Unequal To Paid Ads

SEO Makes Visitors Into Customers

SEO is more effective than paid search advertising (70% of clicks in Google search results go to organic, only 30% going to Google Ads).
No SEO = No Business

Out Rank Competitors

Businesses are investing an average of 41% of their marketing budget on SEO, and this percentage is expected to grow to over 45% in 2021.
24 Hours A Day

Actively Working

Search algorithms (Like Google) now uses over 200 factors to rank websites, and they guard these ever-changing factors more heavily than the Crown Jewels.
The Key-Word

Game Changer

Search algorithms (Like Google) now uses over 200 factors to rank websites, and they guard these ever-changing factors more heavily than even the  KFC Original Recipe.
The biggest advantage is how ATRICA uses keywords.

What Is ATRICA AI Software's Unique Selling Point?

Last Generation's SEO is not proactively making keywords visible to Google’s spiders for immediate ranking. Even with top keywords, The website’s ranking will always be less stable without surveillance.
Features Comparison Chart ATRICA Software Traditional SEO
Software controlled by integrated AI Yes No
Original unparalleled algorithm Yes No
Optimization processes without inclusion of backlinks Yes No
Continuous crawling and indexing of customer web pages Yes No
Automatic filtering of terms and integration of longtails to display searched keywords Yes No
Resistant to Google Updates (stable rankings) Yes "It Depends"
Keywords of old and new are transparently presented Yes "It Depends"
Inclusion of entities (automated) Yes "It Depends"
Management of 250 OTK keywords Yes "It Depends"
Identification of keywords that are no longer relevant Yes "It Depends"
Generates around 30 keywords in 90 days for top ranking (Page 1) Yes "It Depends"
Development of around 60 000 new RuK keywords (longtails and full sentences) AI Yes "It Depends"
ID (Identification numbers) for each keyword and website Yes "It Depends"
Automated YouTube Media Profile Optimization Yes "It Depends"
Mobile first optimization included Yes "It Depends"
Local SEO Included Yes "It Depends"

Before the second half of 2020 nobody would have predicted that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software could do the work of an SEO team faster, better and at a fraction of the cost.

Nobody except the developer of ATRICA.

ATRICA is the world’s first and only Technical Ranking Algorithm software driven by Artificial Intelligence.


An IT Company based from Germany designed this proprietary software to monitor and auto-respond to the ever-changing technical ranking factors of Google’s search algorithm.


  • That means if Google changes – or even slightly adapts – one of its 200-plus ranking factors, ATRICA knows about it instantly.
ATRICA delivers SEO far more efficiently and effectively compared with humans.
It delivers the ultimate deal-breaker: Lost Potential.
Which is the number of leads and sales your business has lost because of human fallibility?
  • Every time humans miss a change in Google’s search algorithm, you lose leads/sales.
  • Every time humans are too slow to react to changes, you lose leads/sales.
  • Every time your page drops one place down in the search page, you lose leads/sales.It’s time to say goodbye to traditional SEO.Because if you don’t, your competition will.

Having a strong online presence backed by strategic SEO has long been important for any serious business. 


Why Consider ATRICA?

  • It Gets your website onto Page 1 of Google (AND keeps it there).
  • It hardly requires any human input compared to traditional SEO.
  • It is radically more cost efficient compared to hiring traditional SEO services.

ATRICA does the job of SEO faster and better than humans

It's even more important today with the increasing trends of remote work and widespread adopting of ecommerce.

You will receive an email upon making the secure payment. This email will have a link to where you can schedule the ATRICA on-boarding process.


1. The first on-boarding session will be where you OK the 250 OTK's and they get added to your website.


2. The second on-boarding session will be where we connect with CMS and complete the OTK's with you.

    • Within 5 business days - CSM and customer will put together 250 relevant OTKs (Orientation keywords).

3. The third on-boarding session will be with the CSM: comprising clarification about principal products/services, important keywords, whether they need to rank locally, nationally or globally, etc.


4. The fourth on-boarding session will be when ATRICA starts the calibration process and performs a website audit.

    • This highlights technical or SEO issues which need to be fixed in order for ATRICA to work optimally.


5. The fourth on-boarding session will be 3 months after the starting date of the audit.

    • Consultation and analyses of keyword performance and potential SEO website issues.

6. The fifth on-boarding session will be six months into the audit. CSM makes quarterly call to customer.

    • Consultation and analyses of keyword performance and potential SEO website issues.
This document shows the timeline from signing of the contract to the license renewal.

Top five reasons every serious e-commerce business needs a SEO solution like ATRICA AI Software:

  1. Gets your website onto Page 1 of Google
  2. Keeps it on Page 1
  3. Finds and implements new long-tail keywords
  4. Hardly any human input required
  5. Priced radically less than opting with traditional SEO services

Traditional SEO cannot proactively make keywords visible to Google’s spiders for immediate ranking.


  • This means that, even if you have the top keywords, your website’s ranking will be unstable. ATRICA makes keywords visible for immediate ranking.
  • This means keywords get automatically pinged and indexed, so your website’s ranking is stable and immune to Google updates. It’s a key Word game-changer!

ATRICA’s clients range from multinational Fintech companies to local one-man coaching businesses.

So, no matter the size of your business, the industry, or whether you only use your website for brand building, ATRICA will work for you!
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Divert that budget to customer referral programs like RelyCircle. Try out the new community-based social selling platform for small businesses.

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Only Pay When Customers Redeem

Zero Upfront Cost

For businesses on a tight budget, in a competitive industry, or any looking for another channel of organic growth.
Employees Can Instate Coupons or Referrals

Quick & Easy Implementation

Customer referral/coupons are easy to verify through our mobile app (Android or iOS)or manually via web portal.
Referrals Verified From Real People

Outshine Typical Online Reviews

Potential customers will know reviews about your business are creditable. Google views them as 5-star reviews.
Free Email & Text Marketing Tools

Connect With Customers

An online platform that customers can easily reach is a necessity. RelyCircle has the tools to help you do it easily.
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“The New Way To Recommend Your Business Is A Remix Of The Old Way!”

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